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Teachers of the College engage themselves also in research activities, not however, at the cost of their primary mandate of teaching. A number of research programmes approved by the University in the State Level Technical Programme are currently in operation in the College.

The College attaches equal priority to extension activities also. All the teachers involve themselves in various extension activities. Important extension programmes and activities include Village Adoption Programme, Plant Health Clinic, Field Visits, Kisan Mela and the entire range of Government and University Programmes.

Extension activities receive a high degree of priority in the College. In spite of being over burdened due to a large number of teachers posts lying vacant, every teacher of the College involves in a variety of extension activities with missionary zeal of transferring new technologies to the farmers and explaining to them the currently relevant aspects such as economic and need based use of manures and fertilizers, integrated nutrient and pest management, use of agrochemicals particularly herbicides, soil heath management and land degradation, efficient and economic use of water, need for using quality seeds, high yielding varieties, micronutrients, environmental protection and crop diversification.

One of the major extension activities of the College has been the Village Adoption Programme aimed primarily at improving the agriculture related technological skills of the farmers of a selected village. Scientists of the College undertake regular visits to the village for offering expertise on pests and disease related problems, nutrient deficiencies and such other matters. Field trials on various aspects such as benefits of the use of herbicides or rational use of fertilizers and water are conducted in the farmers’ fields for the purpose of demonstration.

Field visits are undertaken by the teachers at a regular interval or as and when field problems arise. In addition, normally once in a month, a Farmers Meet is organized where the farmers seek solutions for their problems they face in the fields. During the crop growing season a large number of farmers visit the campus to seek advises from the faculty on aspects such as weed management, nutrient management, varietal suitability, plant protection etc of important crops of the district.

Extension activities also include participation by the teachers in the University/ State Government flagship Programmes like Rhythu Chaitanya Yathra, Rythu Pollalo Shastra Vettalo, Rythu Sadassu, Adarsha Rythu, Kisan mela etc.

Recently with the induction of two MSRI Units, services are being rendered to farming community on custom hire basis to popularize machine transplanting at an affordable cost.


The College does have a large and highly mechanized farm sprawling over an area of 220 acres. Apart from annual agronomic crops grown in the farm like rice, mesta, pulses etc, there are orchards of mango, sapota, guava, coconut and cashew. The water requirement of the farm is met by Vamsadhara (a nearby river) Lift Irrigation System and Vamsadhara Canal net work.