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The College does have 6 acres of playground for Boys and 3 acres playground for Girls, boys playground is well-versed and facilitated for playing games of Cricket, Foot Ball, Volley Ball (3 courts), Basket Ball (1 Court), Ball Badminton (3 courts), Shuttle Badminton (3 courts) and Athletics of running tracts (6 ), throw ball, long jump, high jump etc., The College attaches high priority to extra-curricular activities like indoor and outdoor games, literary activities, music and dance, and fine arts helping in the furtherance of academic goal, able body and sound mind. The College does have play grounds separately for boys and girls, basket ball courts, state of the art gymnasia and a Physical Director for imparting training to the students in the games and sports.
  Our college students were actively participated during 2015-2016 in First phase (Agricultural College, Naira), Second phase (Agricultural College, Bapatla), Third phase (Agricultural College, Tirupati) events of sports, games, cultural, literary activities and secured eight, 34 and 42 prizes respectively. Altogether 84 prizes obtained in above events, Ram Naidu. N, got individual championship along with 8 prizes in Atheletics, he also secured individual championship since last three years 17th All India Inter Agricultural University Sports & Games meet at CCS, Haryana, Hissar from 25-29 March, 2017 participated our college students B. Murali Krishna, K. Vara Praad, N. Hari Kirshna, G. Bhargavi, M. Hima BIndhu ; Volley Ball,, teachers were also actively participated games, sports, cultural and literary events at Agricultural College, Naira and secured 60 prizes, the teaching over all games championship were also obtained.
Justifiably, the students of the College have excelled equally well also in games, literary and cultural activities and could secure many a prize, medal and distinction in various University, State and National Level Meets. Also, there is a Course on Physical Education (COCA 100) in the Course Curricula.
The College publishes an annual magazine called SURYA – named so after the famous local Sun Temple deity at Arasavalli – on articles related to science, fiction, current affairs and international issues, humour and caricature, besides short stories and poetries.
Each year, the outgoing Final year students of the College publish a special collection called REMINISCENCES with their names, photos, addresses, phone number and email IDs so that they can recollect their friends and be in touch with them even years after their leaving the College.